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Mar. 31st, 2009

Marcus 1


[Ron and Marcus] Sparring...

Date: Unspecified, but after returning from the amazonian planet
Who: Marcus and Ron
Invited: Open session, if you want in
Where: Training grounds
Status: Incomplete

((OOC: This will be made in pieces, as I'm trying to use this to get my hand back in posting. But, if you want to join in do feel free!))

Marcus was glad to shrug HIS robes back on. The tailor had made a good job of replicating the cut of his old robes, but the fabric wasn't right, it felt... less comfortable.

Oh, there was no complaints from the ranger, and for sure his own robes would need to be cleaned regularly enough, but he was more than aware that even the good Minbari material would wear out soon enough.

Tucking the Denn'bok inside his robes and latching it in the holster there, he slipped from his tent into the dusky evening. It had been a busy day, as Marcus had been trying to find a place he could fit into the community, but the choices were limited. He could build, he could corral... he knew his way around a tool box. But there were a lot of people doubling as handy-men. He could fight, but that seemed to be the sole province of the military...

Absent-minded feet brought him towards the sparring grounds, where he'd been told he could spar with some of the mil's if he wanted. And right now he NEEDED to work out. He needed to work on some of the agression that was silently simmering his thoughts with indecision and sowing self-doubt.

A difficult position for anyone.

(continued later)

Oct. 1st, 2008


[Ami Jackson/Jon O'Neill] Some Enchanted Evening

Who: Ami Jackson, Jon O'Neill
Where: Picnic grounds, Ami's tent
When: Saturday, May 11
Status: Completed via email
Posting Status: Completed November 14, 2008

Jon spent the bulk of his day in bed, flat on his back. There was some measure of guilt, certainly. For him to take the bedroom, it meant that Cassie was on the couch. Something, certainly, that she could 'handle'.

He'd even gained the passing sympathy of Cassie's roommate, which meant there weren't any harsh, stage-whispers about his presence, other than at the beginning. Those questions were nipped quickly in the bud by Cassie and quickly. She was a little tiger defending those whom she cared about, very much like her adopted mother, and 'aunt' and 'uncles'. The defense was such that even the roommate was surprised (not to mention Calvin), and a little taken aback with the speed in which it was launched, and the aggressiveness.

Now, of course, that he'd overextended himself, and strained a few sutures, Cassie had no problem using some of that which she'd learned from her mother; that is, how to keep someone from hurting themselves more. Of course, that hit a brick wall, when, in the quiet of privacy, Jon had reasserted himself. He would tolerate, to a point, Calvin. It was understandable that the young man would be concerned; after all, the man was -completely- unaware, which was exactly what Jon wanted.

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Aug. 1st, 2008

Marcus 1


[Marcus] (Introduction) - A blossom of a different kind.

Who: Marcus Cole
When: Two days before the attack on Tau
Where: Space
Status: Complete

The open expanse stretched before him, as Marcus turned to regard the settlement behind him. They needed him. They needed respite from this blockade.

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Jun. 19th, 2008


[Ami Jackson/Jon O'Neill] Not a Typical Friday Night

Who: Ami Jackson, Jon O'Neill
Where: Moe's, an empty field
When: Friday, May 10
Status: Completed via e-mail
Posting Status: Complete as of August 11, 2008

It wasn't that Ami wasn't having fun. She was. Though initially surprised when Victoria Keaton and Stacey Olson, an archaeologist with a specialization in Meso-America and a linguist respectively, invited Ami to join them for drinks at Moe's after work, Ami'd readily accepted the invitation. Partly because she didn't want to go back home and fend off Maureen's attempts to set her up with some nameless bloke or another; partly because she knew that she was getting too insular – when Daniel pointed it out, Ami knew it had to be bad – and it couldn't hurt to step outside of her comfortable circle and make a few new friends.

Oh, who do you think you're kidding? Ami asked herself. The main reason she did it was to avoid Jack – General O'Neill – that man – when she left work for the evening. It wasn't that she didn't like Jack O'Neill, it was that she liked him probably a bit too much. It happened gradually, over time, but it had happened. At first he'd only been General Jack O'Neill, earth hero, mature, attractive and mysterious. Ami noticed him - he was a hard man to not notice - the times he came around Daniel's lab. They talked but it had always been professional and detached. Somewhere and some when that changed. At some point in time she'd developed more than a professional interest in the man.

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Jun. 8th, 2008



[Aiyanna] What's up Doc?

Who: Dr. Aiyanna Whiteeagle
Where: Dr. Beckett's Office
When: The Day after Can we Talk?
Invited: Dr. Beckett
Status: Incomplete

Aiyanna had decided that her reputation couldn't stand another late night visit so this one was scheduled. She made an appointment with Dr. Beckett for the afternoon and she was here to fulfill that appointment.

Aiyanna approached the door and took a deep breath before she raised her hand to knock. She hoped that the man had gotten her request for the meeting. She had deliberately left the reason vague, only saying she had to speak to him and the reason was important.

Well Aiyanna felt that it was important anyway, which is why she waited there outside the man's door after the knock. She did bring a gift, as she had with Methos and the General but where their's was beer and wine, for the good doctor she brought the elixir of life, a mug of coffee and two cups. Ah coffee... one of the few things Aiyanna could thank the Europeans for bringing to the Americas.

May. 31st, 2008


The Way the Game Is Played

[OOC Note: Played out via email]

Who: Jack O'Neill
When: Wednesday, May 03, just after If you build it, they will come
Where: Sports field, O'Neill's office.
Invited: Ami Jackson
Status: Complete

It was a good turn-out. Parents, kids... all came out for the baseball league try-outs. They'd been set up deliberately so as no child would be turned away due to lack of experience. After all, have to start -somewhere-, right?

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Serious Jack


[O'Neill] And we're walking, cont.

Who: O'Neill
When: Monday, 01 May, Evening, sun down
Where: Path to/at the ruins
Invited: Jack H., Boone, Ami, Sam, Daniel
Status: Incomplete

(For previous thread, see: And we're walking.)

Jack only had one man on the ground, or rather, one man under ground. It was his OIC of security-- the one who was going to turn the reins of police over to the first sheriff, come summer. The general was planning on a 'promotion ceremony', that moment where good work is rewarded and encouragements and exhortations for those not being 'recognized' to work harder.

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